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10 SEO myths that need to die in 2021

Marketing is important. And in the increasingly complex world of SEO use, link building, and content writing, it often feels like that’s the only unchanging fact you can count on. There are constantly myths swirling around about how to best present yourself and your product, especially when it comes to SEO usage.

If you want to put your best foot forward in 2021, it’s crucial to understand what advice is important, and what advice is just a myth. The following are ten SEO myths that will hurt your marketing if you don’t catch them in advance.

Link building is dead

Links are far from dead; they can make or break your website visibility! However, they do need to be created and used carefully. Reciprocal linking won’t do you much good, and neither will links that aren’t topical, or links that aren’t legitimate. Your visitors will notice those all too quickly, and they won’t appreciate links they can’t use.

SEO isn’t important

If you’ve been paying for SEO services that don’t deliver or have only put minimal effort into your SEO efforts, you might have been convinced that SEO isn’t valuable. This only means you need to change your SEO strategy. SEO can be a huge benefit, but to access it you need to put in the time to make it worthwhile, and/or make sure the services you’re hiring are legitimate and productive.

There is only one way to increase SEO

This myth is an egregious one. There are dozens of ways to increase your SEO, so don’t limit yourself! If you’ve been relying exclusively on one type of SEO, put some research in. You’ll find plenty of other methods, some that will work even better for you than your current strategy. Improving the quality of your content, optimizing images, blogging, diversifying your text, and using keywords are just a few of the options available to you and your business.

Google favors pages using AdWords

Using AdWords can bump your views, but it’s not because of anything Google is doing explicitly. Instead, these AdWords often increase your traffic by inspiring viewers to click on organic links related to AdWords they’ve seen in the past, or thanks to the increased links, shares, and mentions that can come as a result of AdWords.

Content is all you need

Content is important, but don’t make the mistake of relying on it exclusively! Content, no matter how well-written, goes much farther when it’s paired with user-friendly platforms, designs, and links. Hold yourself to a high standard of content, but make sure not to use it as your only support.


SEO is just one of many methods to improving your overall marketing.

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SEO is a one-time job

The only certainty about the internet is that it’s constantly changing. The SEO that worked for you a few months ago can become irrelevant faster than you’d expect. Rather than meeting your SEO needs once and then forgetting about them, monitor your SEO and update it regularly. If you want SEO that works, you have to make it a long-term commitment.

#1 results can be guaranteed

If a company promises high-rankings, particularly a number one spot, you should be a little suspicious. This is almost always a marketing ploy, because high ranking results are dependent on so many factors that are difficult to manage. Remember, there’s no way you can get a number one ranking without extensive effort, and even then it’s not a guarantee. Don’t trust any service that promises otherwise!

There is a penalty for duplicate content

This myth likely started because Google has a duplicate content filter. However, this filter doesn’t penalize you for your efforts; it’s just a system that ensures the same content won’t be ranked twice for the same query. If duplicate content benefits you, don’t worry about the non-existent Google penalty.

It takes 6 months to see results from SEO work

SEO is a long-term process, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait for months to see results. Low-competition keywords or other specialized forms of SEO can have particularly fast-acting results. New content might take a while to show up in rankings, but know that the tweaks you make in your SEO, even small ones, can improve your business now.

Don’t link to other sites

It might make you nervous to link out to other sites—what if your visitors don’t come back?—but if the link is useful, your visitors will appreciate your site that much more and come back to see what else you can offer. It’s also important to make sure those links are legitimate; bad links can hurt the legitimacy of your site. If your links are useful and lead to trusted sources, they can only benefit you.

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