3 2017 Web Design Tips For a More Powerful Brand Identity

A brand is not built with one method or marketing strategy; a brand is made of multiple elements. No matter the size of your business, whether it is a local mom-and-pop restaurant or a huge company that employs hundreds of people, you probably have a business website and that website most assuredly plays a role in your brand image. Naturally, if you have a poorly designed website, it is a poor representation of your business and therefore weakens the strengthen of your brand. But with a website that includes sleek, modern design and invaluable, easy-to-read content, you are not only building a more influential brand, you are greatly increasing your chances of converting website visitors into paying customers. In this post, we will introduce three web design tips that will help you build a more powerful brand identity.

  1. Bold Text: You don’t have to be an expert digital marketing strategist to see the power of content and what a vital role it plays in building your audience and attracting more customers. So with such great emphasis on content, specifically text content, that should be a major focus of web design. This year, you will notice more business websites highlighting text in a bigger, bolder way. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that text will be big in the sense that it’s bulky or thicker, rather that the big, bold text will get more screen real estate. When your text content gets more space, especially for small wording and key phrases, it allows you to effectively send a concise, yet powerful message in this busy, information-overloaded society that we live in.
  2. Brighter, More Vibrant Colors: Just as bigger, bolder type has started to come to the forefront of web design, so too has bigger, bolder colors. If you paid attention to trends in social media last year, you will have noticed that Instagram changed their logo…to something vibrantly, brightly colorful. More colors and brighter colors allow for more of a design that is honed in on naturalism to a greater extent and this is an easy way to catch the eye of your website visitors. Even if you consider yourself to have more of a “serious” business such as a real estate agency or law firm, don’t be afraid to play with brighter colors. Working with a professional web designer will help you pinpoint the right colors to use without making your design look or feel over-the-top or too loud.
  3. Minimalist Design: We just covered two important bases that emphasize the major shift in design: big, bold type for wording and short phrases on your website and brighter colors. The third huge trend you will see in web design this year that will also help build the strength of your brand is minimalism. As we stated above, we live in an era of information overload. So with so much information coming at internet users, it is incredibly easy for them to miss something, specifically something you may want them to see. The key to grabbing their attention is keeping your design minimal. You don’t want the design to be so commanding that it steals the attention of important content. Minimalism allows you to de-clutter your layout and hone in on the most important, poignant information rather than loads of distracting elements. Stick to basics and bring simplicity to the center. This will allow you to deliver your message more seamlessly, build your brand on a stronger foundation, and get the attention of your website visitors without distracting them.

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