3 Tips to Improve Your Website’s Lead Generation Results

Gaining leads is the most integral part of any business’s continued growth. These days, most businesses have shifted strategies to find new customers where they are: online. But this takes more than a simple sign-up form on your website to make a difference for your business, especially as all businesses become more digitally savvy. To stay ahead of the curve, and to truly convert your site’s visitors into leads, though, all you need to keep in mind are these three simple lead-generation tips:

1. Landing Page or Website Layout. It seems simple enough, but the user experience of a website is often forgotten in digital set-up phase for small businesses, in favor of adding extra information or including as many bonus features as possible. However, if users have to work to fill out information for you, they rarely will go through much trouble. To convert your website traffic into leads, the number-one tip to remember is that your landing page for visitors needs to easily guide them to take the action you want them to take–and it should be enjoyable for them.

How do you do this? Remember a few key items:

  • Keep your landing page simple. Don’t send visitors in too many directions or offer so many experiences that they don’t know where to go–or that they choose an option you’ve provided that doesn’t show them how to become a lead.
  • Keep your lead generation form above the fold. Don’t make users search to find out how to request more information from you, or to sign up for your newsletter (or whatever your intention is for them). Make sure that however you plan to get user information, you have that form clearly labeled, easy and quick to fill out, and front and center so it can’t be missed.

2. Lead Incentives. Now that your potential customers can easily find out how to request more information, or sign up, and can see what exactly your company does clearly on the landing page as well, you have to make the idea of signing up appealing to them. People don’t often give their information for no return, so you need to provide a compelling incentive with your lead-gen form. This should be relevant to the business, too, to ensure the leads you get will be as high-quality as possible.

For example, if you want people to submit an email address so you can follow up with them on your business (say, moving), you could also offer a free download of some inside information on the business you do (perhaps rates and estimates based on zip code)–with small sections of information missing, which you can provide in your follow-up. If you’re hoping to get people to sign up for a newsletter, include a brief, one-sentence description of all the information and bonuses they’ll be privy to once they begin receiving your newsletter.

3. Website traffic. In all stages of lead generation, you need to make sure people are actually arriving at your website, and in order to pull in the highest quality of potential customers, you should absolutely be striving to attract more, qualified visitors. All your efforts are for nothing if you can’t find the right audience to see your work, so consider the below methods to bring new potential leads to your site:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): One of the best free ways to increase traffic to your website is to make sure it’s search-engine optimized. This means that you’ve included phrases and keywords in your headings, content, image tags, and more in your website that people are likely to search, in relation to what you offer. When they do, if you’ve included relevant phrases and placed them well, your website is more likely to show higher in search results, which will vastly improve your traffic.
  • Google Adwords: Google Adwords is another way to take advantage of people looking for a product or service on search engines, people who may not yet know they’re looking for you. With a very small budget, you can target people looking for specific keywords or phrases that relate to your product or service, have a brief description displayed to them in Google’s search results, and send them on to your website from there.
  • Social media marketing: Social media marketing, in particular on Facebook, has shown to be very cost-effective for driving web traffic and converting potential leads. Again, for a small budget, you can create ads from your business page that will appear like a post in people’s timelines. You can target very specifically, and reach out to people in a certain location, with a specific demographic, pay-scale, lifestyle, and more. Once you refine your call-to-action and ad creative, it takes very little time, effort, and money to use these ads to drive well-targeted traffic to your site–and since Facebook has the largest reach of any marketing platform, with 1.71 billion active users, you know you’ll be reaching the people you need.

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