4 Pay Per Click Advertising Myths That Need to Go Away

PPC is perhaps the most misunderstood aspect of online marketing. In this blog, we’ll go over a few popular myths surrounding the practice, explain why they’re unfounded, and then describe the reality of the situation:

“SEO and PPC are substitutes”

Has anyone ever told you that you can only invest either in SEO or PPC? Well if they did, they were wrong. SEO and PPC aren’t substitutes. They’re complements.

There is some truth that businesses in certain situations will benefit from one of the two practices more. A recent Search Engine Land article, for example, explains how competition and the nature of your industry can affect this decision:

“A new e-commerce store that is competing with a page of results from Amazon, eBay and other major department stores and online retailers is likely going to struggle in organic search (in the short term, at least). Do you need leads now? Are you looking at the long game? Do you have much in the way of website authority? What is the competition like in organic search? What is the cost per click in paid search?”

What this doesn’t change, however, is that the best strategy will always combine the two practices. You need both organic and paid efforts to maximize the number of leads you generate.

PPC will drain your marketing budget 

PPC isn’t the cheapest online marketing practice, but people like to exaggerate its costs. If you can afford email marketing and an extensive content creation campaign, then you can afford PPC.

Plus, for what you spend on PPC, you get back in quality leads. It’s an investment that will bring long-term customers to your business.

Only the top spot matters 

Ah yes, you may have heard that users only click the first link in Google’s search results. This has lead to exorbitant competition among businesses for that very spot.

This Business 2 Community article explains why this just leads businesses down a rabbit hole. According to the article, you can wind up quadrupling your expenses by chasing the top link:

“It should be noted that the topmost position comes for a price. While the temptation is often too hard to resist, one must not let ego trump rationality. If you are willing to shell out a lot of money to be at the first position, you need to pay out even more for combating the likes of Click Through Rate and Cost Per Clicks. While the traffic for the topmost website might also increase, the expenses can readily quadruple, in no time.”

In regard to PPC, the most important thing is you show up in the results. There are some instances where the second or third links might even perform better than the first. You’ll have to do some testing to see which is actually best.

Save your money, buy spots you can afford, and trust in your ad copy to attract users to your site. Let your competitors waste their money on the top spot.

You only need PPC if your organic campaign is bad 

And finally, some marketers will tell you that you only need PPC if your organic campaign doesn’t get the job done. What they’re missing is that only elite campaigns can rely solely on organic efforts, and the best ones use PPC to some extent anyway.

This brings us back to our first point. SEO and PPC are most effective when used together. They complement each other and target different kinds of users.

When it comes to PPC, you have to find someone who knows what they’re talking about and trust their advice. To talk more about pay per click advertising, or anything else, contact us today.