5 Content Marketing Tips To Connect With Your Customers

People understand that movies and books are only as good as their storytelling, why do we forget this with content marketing? Without compelling characters or an interesting plot, why would someone invest their time in that story? At face value, the content on your website might not seem comparable to Star Wars or The Lord of The Rings, but this storytelling concept applies to website content and epic sagas alike. When you engage your viewers with good storytelling, your content is much more likely to resonate with them. By keeping a few tips in mind to improve your content storytelling, you’ll find it that much easier to connect with your audience.

Content Marketing Tip #1: Your customer is the center of their story

This is the first element of storytelling that will interest a customer. If your content tells a story that allows the reader to put themselves at its center, it’s only human nature that they’ll be more interested in what you have to say. The best way to do this is by writing about a situation that affects your reader personally. That situation could be anything, from lapsed car payments to a bad diet or just a craving for a certain food. Whatever your product or service is, it’s designed to solve a problem that people face. This is your chance to describe the situation your product is designed for, and cast your reader in the leading role.

Content Marketing Tip #2: You have the solution to their problem

Every good story is about overcoming a challenge or solving a problem. Your reader probably isn’t faced with the challenge of saving the universe, but something much closer to home that you can address directly. What problem is your product designed to solve? Describe the situation in a way that people will relate to. By presenting a reader as the main character in your story and then outlining the solution to a problem that they’re facing in their own lives, you’re letting them know that you understand them and can help them with the difficulties they face in their everyday lives.

Content Marketing Tip #3: You can act as a guide to lead them to an answer

The main characters in well-written stories aren’t just broken up into main characters and bad guys. Many stories have a “guide” character—think about Yoda, Gandalf, or Dumbledore. These characters are essential to setting the main character on the right path, and are a great fit for content producers. You are helping your reader, or the main character of your story, equip themselves to conquer their next obstacle. Remember, guide characters in stories are not only known for being wise, but an essential part of the main character’s success. Try to channel that energy in your next post!

Content Marketing Tip #4: You have a plan and give them a call to answer

Other than giving the main character advice, guide characters have a second essential role. Guide characters issue the story’s call to action. Almost all heroic protagonists are reluctant to start their quests in the face of danger or uncertainty, which is why they need the guide character not only to show the way but to explain why it’s so important. As the wise guide, address your content to your reluctant hero.

Explain to them how the solution your organization is offering is the right one for their problems, and then tell them why this particular path is the right one that will benefit them in the end. As an added bonus, content writing can be much more exciting when you’re looking at it as Dumbledore speaking to Harry rather than writing articles for a faceless audience!

Content Marketing Tip #5: You help your customer win the solution and conquer the day

As you’re finishing your story, end with the exciting conclusion that all great stories have. You began at the start of their story, where you identified your reader as the main character and acknowledged the challenge they’re facing. You built up the story by explaining how you can help them overcome a specific problem by guiding them to the right path. Now you’re bringing it all together by laying out the solution that they can earn for themselves by taking your advice. You get to describe the happy ending of how using your product or service will improve your reader’s life.

Your content storytelling won’t have the villains and dramatic fights of a fantasy novel, but it can have the same satisfying story arc and conclusion. Keep this in mind as you write your next piece. Not only will your readers be more engaged, but you’ll have more fun writing the piece itself.


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