5 Lead Generation Tactics that Work

Lead generation tactics don’t have the reinvent the wheel. They just need to be effective at what they were designed for. Here are some of the best tricks we know of to generate more leads:


You know when you visit a website and after ten seconds a small box appears in the corner with a generic question? That’s a chatbot, and they’re really good at generating and converting leads.

Chatbots are great at engaging users and getting their contact information. And according to this Venture Beat article, they also collect valuable data from users:

“Bots can be programmed to ask questions about the location, price range, characteristics, and amenities people prefer when looking at properties. By the time a client reaches the Realtor, the necessary information has already been collected, which save lots of time for both client and agent.”

This information will give you something to work with before you ever talk to a prospective customer. All in all, they make the process that much smoother.


Some users will check a website’s security before they browse any further. You can remove this anxiety by adding proof elements to your site.

Will this have a drastic effect on your lead generation efforts? Probably not, but it will prevent some users from leaving your site because of security concerns.

Open-ended questions

Close-ended questions serve a purpose in the buying process, but they don’t engage users. For that, you should stick with open-ended questions.

A recent Customer Think article explains how these questions can get users to open up about their expectations and experiences:

“Now, while close-ended questions can provide helpful information about whether or not a marketing campaign is generating qualified prospects. They cannot provide the same depth of insight that answers to open-ended questions can provide. Open-ended questions encourage people to express themselves and elaborate on their situation, problems, frustrations, wants, needs and experiences.”

This is incredibly important information. You can use it to refine your lead generation and conversion strategies.

Landing pages

There’s nothing worse than wasting call-to-actions by directing them to your home page. At this stage, users don’t want to explore your brand, they want to contact your business.

Always direct CTAs to one of your landing pages. This makes it easy for customers to give you their contact information. To seal the deal, make sure you offer something like a free ebook, white paper, or study.

Actionable content

Promotion is usually a bad thing in the context of content marketing and SEO. It does more harm than good by scaring users away.

Still, there’s nothing wrong with wanting users to take action. To do that, you can create actionable content, as explained by this Best Techie article:

“Offering your assistance is a better than trying to push it on them. Remember that making deals is an emotional endeavor. So, inspire your readers to take action and lead them through a sales funnel with a helping hand. They will thank you for it with their email addresses and sales after they have given you their trust.”

Informative content is good for establishing thought leadership and building brand awareness, but you need something more to generate leads. Even just adding a CTA can make your content actionable.

Alternatively, you can request users to comment on or reply to your content. Getting a discussion going is better than letting users walk away from your content empty-handed.

When it comes to lead generation, we recommend you switch up your strategy and try new tactics out. You never know if you’ll come across the perfect combination that drives new prospective customers to your business. To talk more about lead generation, or anything else, contact us today.

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