5 Social Media Hacks For Succeeding at Facebook Marketing

Just because the social media giant Facebook has unarguably seen competition from other platforms such as Instagram and SnapChat doesn’t mean it’s off the grid. On the contrary. Facebook is just as relevant as ever which means it should be just as relevant to businesses who implement digital marketing strategies. In this post, we will look at five social media hacks for succeeding at Facebook marketing.

  • Join Groups: Facebook groups that are related to your industry are excellent ways to strengthen your online presence. However, you don’t want to join a bunch of Facebook groups and spam all the members with promotional posts that make it obvious you are merely trying to secure some new clients and sales. Instead, integrate yourself into these online communities in a slow and methodical manner. Introduce yourself to the members when you first join each group. Act as you would if you were in a community group offline. Interact with the other members and offer your expertise and assistance wherever appropriate. Strategically, but sincerely build relationships with the other members. This way, you will have designed an online presence in these Facebook groups that is not only strong and identifiable, but trustworthy and authentic.
  • Do an Inventory of Your Images: Nothing tarnishes the professionalism of your online presence quite like blurry images or photos that are not the ideal representations of your business. One of the simplest ways to revamp your brand identity on Facebook and clean up your marketing strategy is by reviewing the photos you currently have on your Facebook pages. Are any of them too small or blurry? Delete them. When a Facebook page visitor views photos that aren’t sleek or clear to see, it will quickly leave a bad taste in their mouth. If some of your photos are old, update your company Facebook page with some updated, eye-catching photography. Humans are very visual creatures, so if you want Facebook page visitors to not only notice you, but maintain interest in learning more about your company, you need photos that wow them.
  • Build Momentum by Implementing Consistency: You want to keep your target demographic engaged while simultaneously attracting new viewers? Keep pumping out rich, award-winning content on a regular basis. Before designing a full-blown content calendar with new blog posts every day, consider just how much you can take on. If you can post new content every day, by all means do it. But keep doing it. Don’t just do it for a week and then stop. If you think you can only handle weekly posting, stick to that schedule for the time being. Decide how much content you are able to post and then introduce it to your Facebook readership.
  • Using Videos? Upload Them Directly to Facebook: Bypass uploading to YouTube or another platform altogether. If your company is utilizing the medium of video for marketing, upload all of your videos directly to Facebook. This will make it easier for viewers to see your videos instantly, rather than using a link shared on Facebook as a stepping stone to the video uploaded elsewhere. Eliminate the dirty work for your followers so they will actually watch the video (rather than feel like they are wasting time trying to get to it) and secure a better chance of them watching more videos in the future.
  • Keep is Short, Sweet, And to The Point: Do you want to share content on Facebook that is engaging? Keep it brief. A recent study showed that posts that contained 80 or less characters received more than double the engagement of longer posts. So stick to short questions, inspirational quotes, and other striking statuses that can be churned out with only a few simple words.

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