5 steps for building high quality backlinks for SEO

Obtaining high-quality backlinks should be an integral part of your SEO strategy. Although Google has cracked down on “link farms” and other black-hat link building methods long ago, backlinks are still important if you want high search engine rankings. What changed is that instead of focusing on the quantity of your backlinks, it’s now crucial to focus on their quality.

Getting backlinks from high-quality sites isn’t an easy task. It’s not that easy to convince website owners that they should link to you. Use the following methods to get great backlinks for your site.

First, Find High Quality Blogs

Your first step is to find high-quality blogs in your niche. It’s important that your backlinks come from sites that focus on similar topics to yours; this helps Google categorize your site and will lead to higher rankings.

To do this, you’ll want to do a bit of spying on your competition. Create a list of your competing websites, find out where their backlinksare coming from, and try to get backlinks from the same or similar sites. There are many tools that you can use for this; SEMrush, MozOpen Site Explorer, and Ahrefs are the most popular and effective. Just enter any site in the search box to find out where its links are coming from.

Now, let’s focus on methods of getting backlinks from these sites. This will involve some cold emailing. Not everyone will respond, but you can still get a good conversion rate by using these methods.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most effective methods of gaining backlinks. Here’s how it works: You offer to create a free, high-quality article for the site where you want a backlink from. It’s a win-win: The site owner gets a free article, and you get a free backlink. Not all websites will accept blog posts, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Create an Infographic

Infographics are extremely popular. Hire a freelancer to create a high-quality infographic that focuses on data that is interesting and important for people in your niche (read the authority blogs in your niche for ideas).

Next, look for blog posts where your infographic would be useful. Email the site owner, compliment them on their post, and mention that you just created an infographic on that topic, and ask if they would they like to use it. If they reply in the positive, send them theinfographic and offer to write a short introduction to the infographic (which will contain a link to the post on your site where you originally used this infographic).

Offer Testimonials

Used a product that you like? Offer to leave a high quality written testimonial that they can display on their site. Product owners will be more than happy to include a link to your site — it shows that you are real and makes the testimonial much more powerful.

The Broken Link Method

Use a broken link checker, such as the “Check My Links” chrome extension, to search websites for dead links. Email the site owner, compliment them on their site, tell them how much of a fan you are, and tell them that you found some broken links on their site and ask them if would they want to be informed where they are. If they reply in the positive, point out their broken links and, as a postscript, suggest that they link to your site instead. Of course, make sure that a link to your site makes sense.

When employing these methods, it’s important not to be pushy or spammy. Before emailing the site owner, read their blog posts and even comment on them. When emailing them, don’t jump ahead and ask for a link right away. Instead, compliment the site owner on their site, offer your guest article/infographic/offer to point out their broken links, and if and when they respond, you can go ahead and suggest that they link to your site.

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