Uniform Supply Company Marketing

6 ideas for uniform supply company marketing that work in 2020

Let’s face it: uniform supply company marketing (and most marketing for supply companies in general) can be a huge waste of money.  Posting to Facebook and Twitter can keep an intern busy, but it’s not going to produce one single lead.  You might as well set several thousand dollars on a table, pour on some lighter fluid, and light it up…at least that would be more entertaining!

Well, we believe there ARE ways to effectively use uniform supply company marketing…I mean, your customer, no matter who they are, is online and has a problem that they need to solve.  So how do you use digital marketing to make sales?

The biggest thing to realize is that in B2B digital marketing is not going to replace your sales force, but it can enhance it.  It can give them opportunities they wouldn’t have had before, and multiply their potential.

Okay, so how?

A Well-Designed Website

Your website is your storefront when it comes to most b2b supply companies.  Prospects are rarely coming to your shop directly.  Which means they don’t see your team, they don’t hear the passion in your story, and they don’t see the quality you demand.

No, instead they are only introduced to you through your website.  That is why it is vital that your website reflects the quality of the product that you produce.  Your story and the passion you have must resonate off the pages of the site.  Your products should be visually displayed so prospects clearly see what you offer.

Google Display Advertising

Google ads for b2b supply businesses can be very ineffective, not to mention very expensive (to the tune of $10 to $40) PER CLICK.  And chances are, each one of those clicks is probably not even your ideal customer.

Instead, we recommend Google Remarketing Ads.  These ads only show to potential customers that have already visited your website.  Once a prospect has visited your website they have essentially raised their hand to show they are interested in your product.

Google Remarketing Ads follow them around the internet on news and industry sites reminding them that they need your service.  If they are shopping around with you and your competitors, your Google Remarketing Ads will put you to the front of the pack when they are ready to buy.

The best part is these ads are very cheap…you can get around 1000 views for as little as $10, and sometimes much cheaper!

Digital Campaigns for Industry Conferences and Events

Do you attend Conferences or Events as a vendor?  This is a great time for a digital marketing campaign.  While other vendors are handing out pens and USB sticks, you can have an online campaign that tells attendees where you will be, what you are offering, and that can reengage them after the conference!

Do you have a giveaway?  Email attendees and past customers to make sure they are aware.  Set up a landing page that captures their entry, then sends them an email on the day of the event to remind them to stop by.  In a sea of vendors, you can stay top of mind before, during, and after each conference and event!

Email Marketing

Staying top of mind when your customer needs your service is one of the biggest challenges all businesses face, and email marketing can go a long way to solving this.

Instead of emailing “Hey, do you need more uniforms?” every month, find something that adds value to your past and potential customers and send that out.  Tips, government regulation news, HR news, heck even recipes!  Even if they’re deleting those recipe emails, they are still being reminded you exist   Once a week/month/quarter, it doesn’t matter, just keep them engaged with content they care about, so when the need arises they know just who to reach out to.

Blogs that solve your client’s biggest problems

Blogs can be really boring and useless if all you do is talk about yourself.  Instead, use your blog to solve OTHER problems your client might have.  Your clients aren’t always going to be searching google for your product, but they might search “how to find a uniform cleaning service” for example.

A blog is a great way to show up in Google for that search! By solving that problem according to lars remodeling and design -which is the best design build company, they can progress much more. They are also going to be included in your Google Remarketing Campaigns, keeping you top of mind when they are ready.

Hubspot, a sales management does a great job with this.  This article, “The Best Cold Call Script Ever” gives great tips about sales calls to cold clients.  Hubspot doesn’t offer cold call or sales services, but their prospects do.  They solve this problem with their blog, but also introduce their product to people that may have never heard of them.

Tools and Landing Pages for Sales Outreach

Tools and landing pages can be great uniform supply company marketing assets to help multiply your sales team’s outreach.  Instead of boring heavy-handed sales messages, these tools can give your team natural reasons to reach out to prospects.  These tools can include:

  • Blogs (problem-solving blogs from above)
  • Calculators (ROI calculators, ordering calculators
  • Digital bundles (product guides, logo placement guides, etc)
  • Unique Idea PDFs (10 unique ways to use branding or guides that this blog)

Can Uniform Supply Company Marketing Work?

In conclusion don’t fire that intern who’s posting to facebook just yet, instead shift your efforts to make your marketing work for you. Refresh your copy, send more emails, write more blogs, etc. It’s hard work up front, but once you take steps towards effective uniform supply company marketing, you’ll make money while you sleep.

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