Chattanooga College: A Case Study

Why digital marketing trumps traditional methods & vanity numbers are concerning

About Chattanooga College

Since 1968, Chattanooga College has been dedicated to helping students help themselves. They understand the barriers that come with going back to school and work one-on-one with students to break those barriers down together.

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The Problems:

Wrong Numbers

Before we stepped in, they were focusing on vanity numbers instead of leads

No Marketing Funnel

The message was over-diversified when it should've been specific to programs


Shifted the message from one about the college to one about the audience's goals

How Did We Solve Them?

Focused on the right numbers

While numbers like “reach” can be comforting when it comes to advertising, they can be misleading. So, we:

  • refocused attention from impressions/reach to leads and engagement, then
  • focused our efforts on what produced the best ROI: Facebook advertising.
social proof and communication
customer marketing funnel

Created a marketing funnel that worked

We created a depth to the story and voices that the ad audience could resonate with. We:


  • limited the social media platform to the one that would complement ads most, then
  • allocated all our other resources to the things that would boost that message the most, like Facebook messenger chatbots, follow-up email campaigns to expand on the message they engaged with on Facebook, etc.

Focused on the goals of the prospective student

Rather than talking about Chattanooga College as a goal, we talked about how the college could help a person achieve their bigger goals. So, we:


  • rewrote the message to speak to future goals the audience had (like financial stability, job growth, etc.), and
  • used corresponding images of real students and real testimonials to enforce that it wasn’t just a dream, it was a tangible possibility.
helping customer reach goals

By redirecting the same money that was already allocated to marketing to a more cohesive and engaging strategy, we were able to create a 571% increase in leads — leads that were then more likely to convert to become successful students. We were able to achieve this because Facebook, remarketing, and email allow an audience to seriously consider the idea before pushing them to opt-in, while also coaching them through this tangible dream they can believe in.

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