Feature: Chattanooga’s Carbon Five

Carbon Five is a digital product development consultancy founded in 2000 by 5 software developers in San Francisco. We are now more than 60 designers, developers & product managers, with offices in San Francisco, Santa Monica, Chattanooga and New York. We partner with our clients to create exceptional software and grow effective teams.

What solution does this company seek to develop?

“We work in collaboration with our clients to help develop their digital products on what we call “balanced teams” that include development, design, and product management. The result is one integrated team building brilliant products.”

What is a typical day like and how many people work on the team?

“There are seven of us in the Chattanooga office; five developers, one designer, and one product manager. Our typical day depends on the project we’re on and sometimes we are on two or three different projects across the team. Any given day, you can see the Carbon Five process at work. We are hyper-collaborative with our team and our client’s team, so there are a lot of pair programming and group design sessions any given day.”

How does this team work together to do the job of the company?

“As an integrated product, design, and development team, we cover all the bases of developing successful software products that are desired by customers, vital to the business, and technically elegant. The disciplines work side by side on dedicated teams, and are able to move really quickly to develop and iterate on projects”

What part of working with this company do you find the most satisfying?

“We change projects about every four months, so there is always a new challenge around the corner.”

What part of working with this company has been the most challenging?

“Again, changing projects is challenging but really satisfying and engaging.”

Where do you see this company in 10 years and how would you like it to grow?

“We’ve taken a slow and steady approach to growth. In 10 years, we may have more offices, more people in each office, and work with new technologies and platforms; but the core values won’t change. We’ll always love working with each other and with our clients to create high-quality software at a sustainable pace.”

Did the company choose Chattanooga? If so, why? 

“Chattanooga is our third office, followed by NYC. We chose Chattanooga to provide a location closer to east coast clients that allow for an amazing quality of life. We’ve been able to attract some incredible talent that prefer this lifestyle.”

Are there any special events coming up that you’d like for us to promote?

Carbon Five Hack Night (every other Wednesday at the Edney)

What are some current exiting projects on the table?

We recently designed and built the new website for the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. Earlier this year we worked with FertilityIQ to create a platform that provides resources for fertility info. We’re currently working with Stitchfix, a personalized fashion service. We have a couple of local projects in the works as well.

What is something you want to do in Chatt

Our team is involved individually and collectively in supporting and growing the tech community in Chattanooga through community events like the Chattanooga Tech Council, Code XX, Art/Dev, Carbon Five Hack Night, Chadev, Elixir meetup, Big Data meetup and the Scenic City Summit.

Thank you to the Carbon Five Product Manager Allie O’Connell for working with us on this feature!

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