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Consider This Before Making Another Social Media Account For Your Business

If two is good, three isn’t necessarily better. When it comes to social media platforms, sometimes less is more.

Businesses will often find success on one platform of social media, yet find another not worth investing their resources (read: time and money) into.

Here are three things to consider if you’re looking into the latest and greatest of social media, and wondering if it’s time for you to jump on the bandwagon.

Does this site reach my target potential customer?

If you’re selling lumber and fuel, don’t make a Pinterest. If you’re selling engagement rings or flower arrangements, then by all means, make a Pinterest for your business.

Think about your potential customer, and take some time to learn about the social media platforms that your potential customer is likely to engage with. Younger people tend towards Instagram, while the older crowds are sticking with Facebook.

Do I have the time to build and maintain this account?

There’s nothing worse than inactive and dormant accounts. Only create a social media account if you are confident that you have relevant content that you can post consistently. Make sure you understand the time commitment that comes with social media management. (If you’re looking for your social media to be professionally managed, chat with us here at Crash Creative.)

Do I have a budget to help grow this account?

Gone are the days when your small business could rely on the Facebook algorithms to show up in people’s news feeds consistently for free.

Social media management for business is pretty much always going to require some financial contributions. Ads and sponsored posts can be a little tricky to navigate, so be sure to do research and understand who your ad will be reaching, and how you are paying for the sponsorship.

Thinking it over….

While it’s okay to be inconsistent in maintaining personal social media accounts, business accounts are a whole different ballgame. To successfully implement social media into your marketing and advertising plan, strategy is required.

Consider your audience, and if you’re just starting out, consider starting with only one social media platform, and then building from there.

Ask yourself the above questions, and get social!

If you’re interested in professionally managed and strategized social media accounts, give us a shout at Crash. We’d love to work with you to take your digital marketing to the next level!

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