CRM feature list

CRM feature list – 10 things you should look for!

Whether you’ve already made the decision to start using a customer relationship management—or CRM—or are still considering how it might be able to help your business, there are a few key items you need to have on your CRM feature list. If your CRM has the following, you’ll be able to get the most out of what a CRM has to offer.

Streamline your tasks

Good task management is a simple tool that can make a big difference. No one will have to waste time or brainpower toggling back and forth between different windows and systems when your CRM can task manage efficiently. With this feature, employees will have a streamlined workflow and a much easier time staying on top of their day to day tasks.

Stay on top of your contacts

Just like a solid task management system, having reliable contact management is crucial to any good CRM. Contact management means being able to store customer, contact, and store information, but a really top-notch system will also make data entry easier and more user-friendly. If the system gives you greater peace of mind, it’s a good one!

Ease of emailing

A CRM can make even basic tasks that much easier. When your email system is connected to your CRM, you can keep track of all your email data—including contacts, addresses, and the messages themselves—and navigate your communication that much more easily. Just make sure your email system is compatible with your CRM of choice!

We recommend Hubspot for this.  Emailing your list is simple, but you also get powerful tools like email sequences and others that create an excellent experience for your customers.

Mobile functionality

Today, it’s more important than ever to make sure your CRM can work with mobile devices. If you’ve got people working outside of the office with limited access to a computer, a mobile-friendly CRM can save everyone some major headaches. Make sure your CRM of choice looks good and works well on phones and tablets before committing to one.

Integration with current software

It might sound obvious, but always double-check that the CRM you’re looking at will mesh with whatever software you’re already using, especially your marketing automation system. If anything slips through the cracks of a CRM-software combination, you may miss out on important opportunities and connections.

Make your email sequences count

If you choose your CRM well, you can have access to a system that not only sends timely email sequences on schedule, but can unenroll recipients after they’ve responded. This way, you won’t irritate your contacts by sending them automated messages after they’ve already composed a reply. A CRM can make your communications more professional and more personal at the same time.

Make content creation simple

A CRM with an embedded content repository can save a team hours and hours of content creation. This way, team members can easily search for content they need to use, and they’ll have the option to save email formats and sequences for quick access later. Any CRM that can save your team from rewriting the same materials over and over will be a huge relief for your staff.

Organize your deal stages

Every business has stages that they move their customers through. Whether your business likes to move customers through the procedure in a few steps or a dozen, a CRM can keep every step of your deal organized. You’ll have all the materials and formats you need in one easy location, so making the sale will be that much easier.

Design a useful dashboard

Your CRM can help you start your morning on the right foot and easily organize the rest of your week. With a good CRM, you’ll be able to see all your data whenever you need it. Your team will have fast access to any ongoing deals they’re working on and what upcoming tasks need doing. Evaluate your CRM dashboard’s visual appeal and ease of use, and decide how it will work for your team.

Store data automatically

There are two kinds of CRMs out there: the ones that automatically log calls and emails, and ones that don’t. Don’t bother with the headache of a CRM that requires you to manually input your data. An automatic storage system can save you and your team an enormous amount of time and hassle immediately, as well as farther down the road.

Make your own CRM feature list and pick one that is right for you!

The traits listed above are just a few of the ways a CRM can make your work easier. When you’re selecting a CRM for your organization, don’t settle for anything that will cause you headaches or do anything less than what you need. Find the CRM that will make the dull parts of the work easier and the exciting parts that much more accessible!

Take the list above, think about what would make your organization easier to manage, and create your own CRM feature list!

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