Five Cures for Breaking Creative Blocks

Brilliant advertisements, innovative public relations campaigns, and memorable branding are all the result of intelligently crafted marketing ideas. You admire and are inspired by your own ideas. You sit down to begin your own award winning business idea, but nothing comes. Fear not! The ideas are there – you just need a little help unlocking your own Big Idea. Here are five easy cures to help you break the roadblocks barring your path to creative brilliance!

Free Writing

Free writing is a technique used to break free from your own self-restraints. Most people are often too critical of themselves when trying to think creatively and they destroy their own confidence more than anything else. To free write, you simply begin writing whatever comes to your head – paying no attention to grammar, spelling, chronological order or seemingly tangent subjects. Just keep writing for a predetermined amount of time without stopping.

Go Outside

Staring at the monitor behind the desk that you have sat behind for the past couple months/years can prevent your imagination from going very far. Get away from the screen and take a short walk. Your other senses can be helpful in building a new idea. Your eyes will see lights and colors. Your nose will smell fragrances. Your ears will hear a vast expansion of noises beyond the clicking of your mouse. You’ll feel things besides the tapping of your fingers on the keyboard. Changing your environment will certainly change the way you are thinking.

Draw Pictures

Illustrating your ideas with pictures can be a helpful way to make your ideas come to life. Words aren’t always the best way to communicate a concept. Similar to the idea of free writing, draw what you are thinking about, regardless if it is a tangible product or idea. If it is an action with a desirable outcome, write it out like a story or maybe even a comic strip. Even if you don’t have a firm idea yet, begin drawing whatever comes to your mind. You might be surprised what your own subconscious might inspire.

Brainstorm When You’re Tired

Everyone is different, and everyone behaves differently throughout the day. Some people wake up feeling inspired and ready while others take a while to get going. Experiment your brainstorming at different times of the day. Maybe late at night your ideas get a bit crazier, but perhaps that craziness is just the spark your creativity needs to start a brilliant fire. It’s actually scientifically proven that “morning people” have brains that are more equipped for demanding, analytical tasks during the day and are better suited for creative tasks at night. In the same respect, night-owl-brains are creative in the morning and problem-solving at night. A tired brain keeps the writer’s block away!

Talk It Out

Talking through an idea can be a great way to express yourself differently. Some people’s ideas can be completed by the help of another, and sometimes the simple act of speaking your mind helps you to complete your own ideas. Don’t just talk to someone and hope a random conversation will spark a big idea, but have an intentional conversation with a goal in mind. You might find that you’re on the right track, or you may learn you need to start all over. Both revelations are meaningful.

Creative blocks are not a sign of weakness, but should be expected when trying to come up with a revolutionary creative idea. Experiment with these tips and unlock your mind from its routine way of thinking. You might find some pretty great ideas up there!

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