Getting Great Customer Reviews Online

Reviews are an oft overlooked yet integral part of whether a business does well or not. The Internet and, in particular, social networking, customer comments and review websites are where many people go to investigate a business. There are several ways to get good reviews, but not all of them are preferable.

The Wrong Way to Get Reviews

There are many sites out there that offer customer review services, but do not fall into that trap. Any customer who is looking for honest reviews of products or services can pick these within several seconds. They are almost always entirely positive in such a gushing manner that it is obvious they are fake. The more fake reviews seen in customer comments, on review sites and social media, and on blogs, the more likely potential customers are to go elsewhere for a similar product or service.

That is definitely not good for the bottom line. Rather than spread a good reputation and word of mouth, these false reviews will have people advising their peers not to use that product or service. It is a good idea to encourage customers to write a review, but it is not okay to tell them how to write the review, which way to vote on a review site or bribe them with discounts for positive reviews. A customer may smile and nod when asked to do such things, but they are just as likely to turn around disgusted and say to friends, family and the Internet at large, “You are never going to believe what they asked me to do!”

The Right Way to Get Positive Reviews

It is surprisingly easy to get good reviews online, but it does require a lot of dedication to customer service and perseverance in making sure customers know they matter. The first step is searching for reviews and reading them. If a customer posts a negative comment anywhere online, get in touch to find out if the problem can be solved rather than simply deleting the comment it and forgetting about it. Conversely, thank customers for their positive words — it lets them know a business actually does care about their opinions.

Positive online reviews are that simple. Try directly interacting with customers and watch the good reviews start popping up everywhere. As the good starts outweighing the bad, Google rankings and other search engine rankings should increase quickly and consistently.

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