Ghoulishly Delightful Ways to Use Social Media Marketing This Halloween

Social Media Marketing is a highly effective tool for your business. With over 1.7 billion Facebook users and 313 million Twitter users, social media is something your company shouldn’t ignore. It’s extremely important for your business to take advantage of social media marketing opportunities during the Halloween Holiday when consumers collectively spend billions of dollars. There are several fun creative ways to promote your business during the upcoming Halloween Holiday.

No Tricks, Only Treats

Share Halloween coupons on Twitter and Facebook, offering customers a chance to save during the holiday. Sharing your coupons over social media ensures you get a lot of views, and it gives people a chance to re-tweet and share your coupon code, increasing its effectiveness far beyond what traditional mailed coupons could ever do. Make your tweet or Facebook post-Halloween themed by including the words “trick or treat,” “spooky,” or “monster” within your post. Include an image to really capture attention.

A Costume Contest

Everyone loves dressing up for Halloween, and each year people become more creative with their costumes, so they’ll have a lot of fun showing them off. Halloween is the time of year when people get to become someone else, dress up in silly or spooky costumes, and have a lot of fun with their friends, and they definitely take advantage of it. Hosting a costume contest appeals to your customer’s love for dressing up, as well as their competitive side. It’s a really clever and fun way to get your target audience involved with your Halloween marketing. Have customers, and potential customers, post pictures of themselves dressed in costume on Instagram or Twitter with a hashtag you create or have them share the photos to your Facebook. Offer a prize to the winner to get more people involved, because who doesn’t like to win prizes? A costume contest is a perfect way to promote your business while showing off your fun side.

A Spooktacular Promotion

If you have a promotion going on during the holiday season, social media is the perfect platform on which to promote it. Spread the word about your promotional deals using tweets, Facebook statuses, and photos. Get creative with Halloween images to really draw the eye. You could also add to the promotional, stating that anyone who stops by your business on Halloween dressed in costume gets an added discount or free bag of candy.

Show Your Halloween Spirit

Marketing yourself doesn’t have to be about promotion. It’s also about exposure. A great way to draw attention to your business is a Halloween themed photo. Take a fun picture of you and your staff dressed in costume, and post it on your social media platforms. It’s a fun, unique image that will not only show off your holiday spirit, but it’ll allow people see a more personal side of your business. Your customers will think it’s cute, and it will definitely cause them to pay attention to your business.

Halloween is no longer a holiday for the kids. Teens and young adults have all but taken over the holiday, making it the perfect opportunity for social media promotions. With so much money being spent on Halloween products, candy, and costumes, you should take the opportunity to promote your business and gain exposure, all while getting into the holiday spirit. Try any, or all, of these Halloween social media marketing “tricks” to gain exposure for your business, and promote yourself in a way that’s eye-catching and fun.