How is Lead Generation Like Fishing?

Lead generation is very much like fishing and we sure don’t mean phishing, a corrupt method for obtaining personal information, under the guise of a fishless river. Already we digress. Let’s try to have some fun here and find out in what ways fishing is like generating leads?

  • Curious as a Fish

You never know for certain what type of fish you’re going to attract. As you cast your lure and line into a cool, blue lake, your intent is to catch a boatload of trout, but to your surprise, the trout ain’t biting. Prospects are curious as fish swimming through the cool welcoming waters of the internet searching for the next latest and greatest product or service. And you know you have what they’re looking for. But the fish aren’t having any of it. If there are even any fish swimming anywhere near where you threw out your line. The question that remains is if the fish aren’t biting here, then where the hell are they biting?

Sometimes, though, a lead is as uncommon as feathers on a fish and sometimes a lead is like a drinking fish joyfully gulping down every bit of bait on your line. After only the first visit, leads find themselves irresistibly drawn to sign up for your weekly newsletter, register for a free webinar, make a purchase, or share your goodness with others, interactively swimming through the portals of your sales funnel.

  • Failure Breeds Success

Failure is a mark of success. Failure is the big brother to success. Lessons are not learned in the context of overnight success. You smile with glee as you begin to reel in your first trout of the day. It’s going to be a momentous day! But just as you were about to bring the trout up out of the water, it slips off the hook and quickly swims away. Another email subscription canceled with no reason given and no indication they will ever return. Success owes itself to the lineage of failure that leads you to change your course, head out into open waters, and throw your net out, hauling in a steady flow of potential customers. Is it time to evaluate strategy and tactics? Possibly change the fishing line, the bait, fishing pole?

  • Prosperity Prefers Patience

Just as patience rules the heart of any successful fisherman, patience is the dominating attribute of a successful digital marketer. Think about it for a minute. There are 7 billion people sharing this blue globe and half of them are either buying, selling, listening to music, playing games, writing emails, or reading content. On the world wide web. It’s going to take a lot of patience on your part if you want to find even a fraction of your target market. Be patient. Don’t be like lazy ol’ Huck Finn who stuck his fishing poles in the banks of the great Mississippi, leaned up against an old cottonwood, took a nap and dreamed about the giant catfish he planned on eating for supper later.

  • Mindless Involuntary Instinct

“Hey, there’s the boat. Let’s go on over and jump in.” Have you designed a beautiful website with all the bells and whistles? Is a CTA button connected to every page on your website and easily found on every social media platform you use? Yet your data metrics are not showing a significant return on your time and monetary investment. The fish won’t come to you organically unless they have a good reason to do so. The best things in life aren’t free. Gifted people need to work at what they do. Nothing comes easy. But what if the fish did spontaneously jump into your boat? Would you be prepared for such an overload of interest? Too much success too quickly could set you up for failure especially if you’re a smaller enterprise.

  • Love at First Bite

You feel the tug on the line – someone signed up for your weekly email – another tug and now you’re getting sign-ups to your upcoming webinar, which reminds you to create self-help videos for YouTube. Another tug – and someone wants a copy of your free eBook. Slowly you are beginning to build a prospect list. But just because you have 10,000 prospects listed doesn’t mean that one single person is going to buy anything from you. But you must remain patient, resilient, and consistent in all your online interactions. Lead generation is the hard part but your work is far from complete, in fact, it has only just begun…

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