How (Low-Budget) Video Adds Authenticity To Your Brand

How (Low-Budget) Video Adds Authenticity To Your Brand

It’s 2019. And it seems like everywhere we go online, we are bombarded with clever words, photoshopped images, and flawless graphics, all competing for our attention. One of the most frequently asked questions our clients want to know is, “How do we not get lost on Social Media?”

Our answer? Video. Showing real people and real experiences. Make your prospective customers believe you’re just one of their friends in their Facebook news feed rather than another business making a sales pitch.

Share an authentic story with them.

Let your prospective customers know what your service will do for their lives and what change they can expect to see. With today’s technology, all you need to accomplish this is a story you believe is worth sharing, a little creativity, and an iPhone. Prop up your phone against a mug on your desk, and film yourself talking about why you believe in your business. Or better yet, film one of your clients sharing their success story!

How exciting it is to empower your current clients and future ones to make a change in their life! It’s a win-win.

Tell a story about a client who is more successful, less stressed, and happier now due to your business and share it on Facebook! You don’t need a huge budget, scripts, actors, or fancy cameras… you just need a good story to share.

And real people giving their real stories is so powerful.

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