Effective Sales Material

How to create effective sales material in 2020

In today’s business climate, it often feels as though everything is done online. Offers are made through emails, promotions are advertised through social media, and potential customers look up your brand online before buying anything. In an environment like today’s, is there any point in creating printed effective sales materials?

The answer, no matter what your social media feed might make you believe, is yes. In fact, it’s been shown that people who read printed material compared to digital spend more time with the material, had a stronger reaction to what they read, and were more likely to place value on what they had learned. There is still a definitive place for printed materials in sales, provided you know how to use them effectively. By keeping a few key principles in mind, you can make physical sales materials that are just as effective—if not more so!—than their digital counterparts.

Rule one: Customize

One of the strengths of digital marketing is that it’s become increasingly easy to customize each individual’s online experience. However, it’s just as easy to customize your printed materials, and you’ll see the same benefits. Determine your niche, identify what your customers are interested in as specifically as possible, and send those customized materials out.

Some research has shown that approximately 61% of customers expect brands to tailor to their personal interests and experiences. This means that if you aren’t personalizing your materials, you’re falling behind! Personalizing your materials lets your customers know that you’re invested in them, and you know what it is they’re looking for, which is something people will always respond positively to.

Rule two: Quality

Imagine you’ve been presented with two pamphlets. One is glossy and well-made, with an attractive design and eye-catching information. The other is limp in your hand, with cramped print and faded colors. Which one will you be more interested in reading?

Just like a shoddy website will be much less enticing to customers than a sleek, functional one, your customers don’t want to receive flimsy, ugly fliers that turn their fingers gray. It may increase the cost to use high-quality paper and well-designed layouts, but your reward will be increased customer engagement and an audience that is interested in what you have to say rather than simply throwing it in the recycling bin. It’s hard to put a price on that.

Rule three: Add value

It may go without saying, but another way to make your printed materials matter is to make sure they’re important. Don’t use your physical materials to simply echo what people already know about your company, or what they can easily learn online. This method is a sure way to encourage readers to ignore your physical marketing in favor of digital.

Instead, use this as an opportunity to offer your office unique benefits and offers. Whether that means offering coupons or deals in print that aren’t available online, or giving print customers first notice on an upcoming event, you have the power to make your sales materials effective and appealing. When your printed marketing efforts are distinct, it essentially serves as another useful branch of your marketing efforts.

Rule four: Reach out

Printed materials make it possible to reach a wider range of customers. Even if your brand is aimed at younger, tech-savvy people, you’ll be surprised how reaching out with print media can engage an audience you might not have thought interested otherwise.

Whether it’s members of an older generation who aren’t fully comfortable online, or simply people who are trying to spend less time looking at screens, printed sales materials will resound strongly with certain demographics. Use printed materials as an opportunity to reach out to people who normally wouldn’t be on your website, and you may be surprised at the results.

Once you have effective sales material, don’t forget to print

There is still a place for printed marketing materials today. When used well, they can give your brand a dramatic boost and work hand-in-hand with your online materials. Printed sales material gives your company a chance to impress customers with customized, high-quality products and striking designs.

When you make your printed materials stand out above the rest, your fliers, brochures, and business cards will serve as a physical reminder to people that you are an exceptional company with something to offer them.

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