How to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency [10 Questions to Ask]

The digital marketer you choose to work with can have a real effect on how your organization is perceived by potential customers. Choosing the right one matters! When you’re trying to determine whether a specific digital marketing agency is right for you, asking the following questions can help you get a solid understanding of their methods and process.

1. What analytics does this agency track?

Certain analytics are more valuable than others, and you want to be sure that any agency you work with tracks analytics that will be useful to you. Do you want to track page views and traffic sources? Conversions or length of page visits? Determine the benefits of the various analytics, decide which ones are most important to you, and make sure your agency of choice can track them.

2. Can this digital marketing agency provide successful examples of their work?

Asking this question is a good way to see this agency’s final product, and will tell you what they consider a success. If you’re impressed with the example they offer you, consider it a good sign!

3. Will this agency get to know my business and specific needs in order to offer a customized plan?

If an agency doesn’t work with your organization on an individual level, it might not be worth working with them in the first place. Your organization is most likely to succeed if you have an agency on your side that can meet your needs creatively, rather than offering you a generic solution. Ask the agency you’re interested in for an example of how they’ve managed this in the past to determine whether they know how to customize their work to fit a customer.

4. How exactly does this agency generate results?

It’s important to understand an agency’s methods. Ask them to explain how they get their results, and you’ll get some insight into how they operate. More importantly, you’ll also be able to decide whether you think their methods are reliable. Do they use reliable tools and strategies, or do they depend on quick-fix solutions with little followup? Make sure the methods your organization will be using fit your company values!

5. Does this digital marketing agency have a system for communicating and reporting results?

Clear communication is a must for a successful professional relationship. Have the agency explain what their communication system is like, and how they measure and present their data. This way, you’ll be on board throughout the marketing process, and none of the details will be lost in translation.

6. What is included in the initial price and what is extra?

It’s an uncomfortable situation to reach the end of a project only to realize that you and your partners have different ideas about the price. Avoid this by taking the time to establish pricing upfront. Make sure you know what your total cost will be, and what any additions or changes will do to the price.

7. What do their reviews look like?

In this case, it might be better to do your own research on how other people have reviewed this agency. If you can’t find agency reviews online, it’s definitely worth asking the agency about it. If you’re really serious about working with the best, you may even consider asking the agency for references from other organizations who have worked with them in the past or organizations they are partnered with, like digital marketer‘s directory.

8. Are my expectations realistic?

In any professional relationship, communication is important from both sides. Tell the agency what you expect from their work, and discuss whether your expectations can be met. If not, why? This conversation can help you readjust your expectations and get a better understanding of how the agency works at the same time.

9. Are their promises realistic?

This question is the other side of the coin in terms of expectations. Has the agency made promises to you that seem unlikely? No, if you hire the right one such as and, their devoted moving contractor in Canada. Ask the agency exactly how they’re planning to reach project milestones, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about specific aspects of their work or promises they’ve made.

10. How regular will communication be with your new digital marketing agency?

Some organizations want regular updates on the work that’s being done; others would rather only hear from their work partners if there’s a problem. Whichever end of the spectrum you (or your digital marketing agency of choice) are on, it’s a good idea to let that be known as soon as possible. When communication preferences are made clear immediately, there will be less room for misunderstanding later.


Finding an agency you trust with your marketing, and your money can be a challenge. Asking these questions will help you narrow down your search and enter into an agency with confidence.


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