How to Write Blog Content to Improve Your Local SEO

What tends to be the biggest challenge for local businesses online? It is competing with the large chains and box stores. They are working on each aspect of technical Local SEO, and have millions of dollars to invest. They make sure every location has its own Facebook page, that all online directory information is correct, and they will outpace smaller businesses in the number of customer reviews. How can your business tap into all that online traffic, and steal it away from these corporations? The answer is locally focused blog content.

The easiest and most effective way to boost your visibility is by becoming a destination for local internet users. Many business owners know they need to create content to improve their SEO. They also know they need to use locally focused keywords to capture local traffic. However, what often gets produced is generic topics and general information articles with the town or city stuffed into it. Effective content creation must be valuable and useful to the reader. If the content is not actually locally relevant, it will be seen as nothing more than spam.

So, what should you post? Firstly, and more importantly, you want to provide articles about your industry that are locally relevant. This is easier for some businesses than others. For instance, a real estate agent can authoritatively write about local housing trends, which are likely very different from what one receives from the national media. On the other hand, if you are a Med Spa, it is unlikely that you will have much that is locally specific. That doesn’t mean you should not write about Vi Peels or Botox. It just means you don’t want to try to be slick by stuffing local keywords into your articles.

The key to writing locally focused content is understanding your ideal customer. Go beyond typical demographics and create buyer personas. In this way, you can go deeper into understanding their wants, interests, and desires. You can then develop locally focused content that will make you an online destination and build an online audience that is most like those who use your service or products.

Examples of Local Blog Content

  1. Community News – Every town has important news. It may be a new high school stadium or a green spaces plan. If you write about it, people will read, especially since so many small town newspapers are going out of business.
  2. Local Events – It could be the local Christmas Parade or a Community Craft Fair, but every community has events you can write about. There is an endless supply to report on. As time goes on, people will start to seek you out.
  3. Charities and Sponsorships – Does your business support a local charity or sponsor a group or event? Let your readers know about it. Not only will it attract readers, many people prefer to do business with people who are active in the community.
  4. Review Local Businesses – Post reviews about the local businesses that you do business with or create “Top 5” lists of your favorite pizza and burger places. You may even find those businesses will start promoting your reviews.
  5. Local Interviews – Is there an election coming up? How about the big Thanksgiving Day game for the high school football team? Every community has important figures that you can interviews, from a local council member to a football coach.

Ultimately, keep in mind, not every blog post is for the purpose of creating a sale. Some content is intended to build an audience, trust, or awareness. People are literally searching for everything online and, as traditional media wanes, it creates an opportunity for your business website to cover local information. If done right, this can make driving traffic to your website easy.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about how to write blog content to improve your Local SEO, or need more information, please contact us.

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