is blogging useful

Is blogging useful in 2020

Blogging (article writing) can be such a tedious task that many businesses ignore it completely.  Maybe you don’t feel like a great writer, maybe you don’t have the time, or maybe you just don’t see the value in it.  Either way, is blogging useful?  If so, how other should you blog?

Is blogging useful in 2020?

The short answer is a resounding YES!  The problem is that it can feel like the benefits aren’t there for most busy business owners and marketing directors.

What are the elements of a good blog?

A great blog does several things:

  1. provides potential customers with useful information
  2. solves problems your prospects may have.
  3. Builds your website’s search engine optimization (SEO)

A great blog should first be useful to your current clients and/or prospects.  Think about the problems they have.  Can you write an article solving that problem?  Think about things that your customers and prospects might be searching for and that can make a great blog.  This helps with people finding your site through Google but also establishes authority and trust from users already on your website.

How do you come up with blog topics?

This can be one of the toughest barriers to start blogging, as well as keeping it going.  What do you have to say that is helpful to your customers?  Should you focus on internal news?  Industry news?  New products you have coming out?  All of that can be useful but often makes for boring blogs.

Instead, focus on topics that will help customers and prospects.  What do people call you up to ask about?  What are some specific subjects prospects tend to bring up?  What are the reasons prospects use to reject your proposals?

What problems can you solve for your customers and prospects?

Start there, and I bet you can come up with 10 to 20 blog ideas in one sitting!

Still stuck?  Hubspot has a great blog on how to come up with a full year’s worth of topics here.

How often should you blog?

This is a tough one.  It used to be that “content is king”, in other words, write as many blogs as you can and put them out there for Google and the world.  In 2020 though, “GREAT content is king”.  Blogs that show up on Google, get clicks, and that people read are much more likely to succeed.

That said, 2 to 3 blogs a week is a great place to start.

Can an agency really help with blogging or does it need to be in-house?

Yes and no.

You’re busy, and writing 2 to 3 blogs a week can simply prove unsustainable for most business owners and marketing directors.  The great thing about working with an agency is that they can do the heavy lifting for you, and make sure it actually gets done.  You set the expectations, they deliver the work.

But how do they know what your customers and prospects will respond to?  How will they know WHAT to write about?  A lot of agencies will write those blogs on generic topics, but after a few months, you may realize it just isn’t providing value.

The truth is the best person to blog for your company is you.  But again, that may work for a week, but not 2, 3, 10 weeks down the road.

Working with an agency has to be a partnership.  They need to work with you to understand what your customers and prospects want to know about.  Monthly brainstorm meetings and content approvals must be a part of the routine for a successful partnership.


So is blogging useful in 2020?  Blogging is one of many strategies your company must take advantage of to stay above your competition.  It can be tough to keep it up, but finding out what your customers and prospects deal with each day, then using blogging to help solve those issues help you with Search Engine Optimization as well as building your company up as an authority, translating into new customers and loyal customers.

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