The John Ankerberg Show: A Case Study

Why an effective donation page is key to connecting with your audience

About The John Ankerberg Show

For more than 37 years The John Ankerberg Show has offered Real Answers to Real Questions and presented and defended the Christian faith. In all areas of ministry and through a variety of media outlets, our mission is to provide answers to tough theological questions in order to proclaim biblical truth, encourage the believer, and challenge the skeptic.

john ankerberg on the show set

The Problems:


The images on the page weren't compelling the users to donate


We added copy the allowed the reader to feel engaged with the story and mission

Form Appearance

The John Ankerberg Show needed to be optimized correctly for search engines

How Did We Solve Them?

Changed the Images

The cliche “a picture is worth a thousand words” exists for a reason. And when you don’t want to make a potential giver read 1,001 words, images are imperative. So, we replaced the stock images with real people who were impacted, then found a hero/header image that drew in the audience.

screen shot of john ankerberg show donation page 2
jashow donation page header

Told a Story

So many times, the assumption is that by the time a visitor reaches the donation page, they’ve already decided to donate. And, often that’s true. However, that tends to mean we focus on the finance aspect instead of reinforcing their decision to give to make them feel confident. We rewrote content to paint a picture of the important work the ministry was doing, then broke the text down into easily digestible pieces.

Updated the Form

After going through this new, more compelling page content, we didn’t want potential donors to be put-off by the idea that donating required effort. So, we condensed the form information with smaller boxes on fewer lines, and made it a multi-step experience, so the donor selected an amount before seeing the rest of the form.

iphone showing jashow donation checkout screen

With 3 intentional changes and less than a day’s work, we were able to identify a problem that was important to our client’s ministry and create an effective solution that gave immediate results. Comparing 2 weeks of the prior version of the page and the first 2 weeks after the changes, our style and content changes generated a 58% increase in donations — even with a 57% decrease in traffic to a page we had paused all promotions on.

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