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6 things to keep your business moving during COVID 19

With the coronavirus fear hitting a fever pitch in the world, businesses HAVE to be planning on how this crisis will impact their businesses short to medium term. I’ve been watching the news, talking to business owners and marketing directors, and uncertainty is the theme.

What can you do to limit the impact on your business?  I put together a few thoughts.

Start thinking about your team first

A team in fear will cripple your business.  There is so much misinformation out there, and you can see this by spending just a few minutes on social media.

Make sure your team knows that you care.  If they are sick, let them stay home.  Let fathers and mothers work from home if needed.  Make sure there isn’t fear of pay cuts or jobs being lost.

Try to get them the best information from sources like the CDC, and help calm their fears so they can do the same for their families and friends.

Don’t forget: The playing field is even

This is not only affecting you and your business.  You can spend time wallowing in how this will impact sales.  This is not the time for that.  Remember your competition is in the same boat.  Businesses that find a way to overcome any obstacles COVID 19 creates will win.

What can you do to adjust your routine to help your product or service serve people better as conditions change?  What other services can you offer to solve people’s needs during this time?  What can you do differently than your competitors during this time?

What can you invest in and change while your competitors sit in fear?

Have remote working policies in place

For a lot of companies, working from home is not ideal, but can help business carry on.  Having a policy in place, even if it’s rarely used, allows you to remain on top of your business and helps your team get their work done.

How should your team check-in?  How will they know what to do?  How do they report their work?  A few tools I’d suggest would be:

Project Management: Trello, Clickup, or Asana
Video Calls: Google Hangouts and Zoom
Communication: Slack

These are great tools to have in place either way, but they can make remote work much more effective.

Find ways to accommodate an online market

Foot traffic may be at the heart of your business, but businesses with the ability to make their products and services available online will put them above their competition.

How can your product or service be delivered online?

Digital marketing has never been more important

While people will not be walking around, going to conventions, or going to sporting events, they will still have their phones in their hands, and their computers in front of them.  In fact, news consumption and online research is through the roof right now.  Having the ability to get in front of users has never been more important to marketing.

Adjust your marketing to solve COVID 19 issues.

How does your product protect businesses and customers?  Can you provide training for people to get them in front of your brand?

Marketing and sales are about solving problems…Coronavirus is no different.  How does this change in the market shed light on a way your products solve these new issues?

Stay calm, and think about the next 12 months, not the next 2

This too shall pass.  Don’t let this impact the future of your business.  You are smart, you have a good product, and you have a team that relies on you to reach their own goals and protect their families.  Have a calm head, adjust, and continue to march towards your goals for 2020.


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