Landing Pages 101: More conversions and better leads

You’ve created killer content with great PPC advertising, social media campaigns, and email marketing. But yet you find that despite driving visitors to your website, you can’t manage to close the sale or capture the lead. So how do you eliminate that gap and become a lead generation machine? This is where landing pages can step in and help any small business maximize a marketing campaign and come out with quality leads and conversions.

What is a landing page?

The concept of a landing page is very straightforward. A landing page is a page on your website that has a single goal and objective. Too many businesses have their marketing and advertising campaigns direct to the general homepage of their website. Once visitors arrive via your marketing campaigns, if they don’t see what they’re coming for immediately they will click away quickly. A landing page gives the visitor exactly (and only) what they are looking for when they clickthrough.

One of the most critical aspects to a successful landing page is having a clear call to action and goal. Do you want to capture contact info? Try a landing page with a form for a webinar registration, ebook, or newsletter sign up. Is your goal making a sale? Here your landing page could be the product page for the slick new item you are introducing to the world.

Why should I use a landing page?

I hear you loud and clear. You’re a busy marketer who has better things to do than create a new landing page for every campaign, product, and offer that you are running. But read on and you might find that creating landing pages could be the key to grabbing leads and sales straight out of the internet.

1. A landing page allows you to capture lead information. What good does it do to use your PPC campaign to direct to your homepage? Even if they don’t click away immediately, you still have no way to turn that visitor into a viable lead. However, when you use a landing page as a place to download your ebook, whitepaper or other offer via a contact form, you convert a higher percentage of visitors to leads, capture their information, and start to see if your campaigns are effective.

2. Landing pages help close sales. If you’re using PPC ads to drive sales, a landing page lets you send your visitors directly to that product page instead of having them wander aimlessly through the homepage of your website. Plus, you now have a page that will rank higher in Google for that product due to its specificity and relevance.

3. Landing pages lend consistency to your marketing. You already know that it is important to run marketing campaigns that send one singular message across many channels. Don’t let those efforts end when they arrive at your website. With a landing page you create a page that is linked to an ad or promotion in terms of design or messaging, which creates a fluid experience for your visitor.

4. Landing pages help you fulfill the promises of your PPC ads. When you put out an offer via PPC ads, people expect to see what they click on. If they don’t see what you’re offering, they will bounce right out of your website. With a landing page, you give your visitors exactly what they are looking for from your PPC ad. Plus on top of drawing in visitors, your PPC ad costs will be lower because of your improved conversion rate. If you’re getting the right customers to clickthrough your conversion rates will skyrocket.

But this is just the beginning of the world of landing pages. To see some examples of what you could do with your website, check out these designs. And we’re always here to help you link your marketing campaigns to functional and effective web design. Reach out to us if you’re interested in learning more about how landing pages could be useful for you.

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