Stop losing customers because of holes in your marketing strategy


Business owners and Marketing Directors are often so busy keeping things running it's hard to find time to figure out what they AREN'T doing.  So we identified 73 areas you can use to double your sales over the next 90 days.  You'll learn all the areas you can use to:

  • Bring new customers to your business

  • Up-sell existing customers with other products

  • Reengage past customers to bring them back

Stop wasting time trying to figure it out. Download your list today.



Immediately find new marketing ideas to help increase sales

  • Local meetups to bring new customers to your location

  • Podcasting (easier than you would think!)

  • Monthly email newsletter to current and past customers

  • And many more (70 more!)



“ They say people play differently when you keep score; it's enlightening to take 5 minutes and be able to see a score that shows how much work we need to do to reach more people. Thanks, Crash! “


Ryan Naegele - Owner

“ This 73-point list opened my eyes to so many new opportunities I had not even considered! When I introduced this in our staff meeting my team exploded with a ton of creative ways to build on this!“


Gary Behler - Director

“ Thank you for the checklist!  I was missing out on an entire segment of past customers I hadn't even thought of! “

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Theresa Aleman - Marketing Director

“ This is fantastic.  Just what I needed to get things going for 2020!“


Toney Mcfadden - Owner

“ Crash, thank you for putting this together.  Our marketing options SEEMED pretty limited, but I had no idea what I was missing.  First thing we are going to start doing is regularly emailing our current customers! “


Mike Hunter - Owner

“ I've been in business longer than I want to admit, and I haven't implemented half of these things.  Thank you so much for the checklist.  My mind is on fire thinking about what we need to do for 2020! “


Lynn Gibson - Owner

Download the 73 Point Marketing Checklist

Discover new ways to upsell your current customers and find new ones!