Lead Generation through Customer Relationship Management Tools (CRM)

Sales managers who may be looking for ways to motivate their sales force may not even know where to begin. One way is to make sure you are properly utilizing all the software tools available now including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. CRM can help you with lead generation and help you in generating new revenue for your company.

To understand more about how CRM can help your sales team in generating new leads, you must first understand what it is. Customer relationship management (CRM) is simply the term used for technologies and strategies that help analyze your customers’ interactions with your company with the goal of improving customer relationships, customer satisfaction, customer retention and driving new sales.

Marketers must consistently find new ways of generating leads. It is a digital era and outdated concepts such out direct mailing and even cold calling simply no longer apply. Life is increasingly lived online and for new customers to find you, you must have a strong online presence.

Customer relationship management tools that will help your sales team in generating new leads. Some areas where CRM can help include:

  • Finding more leads that turn into final sales
  • Closing deals faster
  • Boosting the overall customer satisfaction experience
  • Finding customers through social media channels
  • Reaching customers on mobile devices
  • Analyze and predict customer needs based on past purchases and behavior

People are resistant to change, even when that change is for their own good and will help them in performing their jobs. Your sales force is no different. The first thing you have to do is to show them, step-by-step, what the software tools available and what these tools can do for them to make the jobs easier.

As the sales manager, you have to take the lead in driving adoption of customer relationship management tools. One great way to do this is to schedule a time, free from interruption, that your and your sales team can review and train together in the use of CRM tools. Afterwards, have a brainstorming session and gather the ideas of how the system is going to help your business. The more your people feel they are part of the process, the more willing they will be to use the system and encourage others to as well.

The possibilities for the numerous tools available to you and your staff through sales automation tools are endless. Your team will be very surprised at the tools available that will help you collaborate with your customers like never before. Social media is going to have a part in your business forever; this is why the sooner you and your sales staff learn to incorporate the CRM tools into your sales strategy, the easier it will be to go after prospective customers who frequent these social media networking sites.

The resistance to accept social enterprise into your sales strategy is futile. You, as the sales manager, must lead your sales force to accept social media and the way it affects every aspect of our lives. Don’t despair if this task seems daunting to you. It may take some training to prepare you and your employees to fully utilize all the lead generation tools available.

Sales motivation is the key to increasing your customer base and generating new sales revenue for your organization. Engaging prospective customers through social networks is an essential part of this process. CRM tools will allow you to connect with customers through apps from social media networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Once your staff realizes the potential of these sales tools now available to them, they will become unstoppable!

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