How to Make Content Compelling

An increasingly competitive digital environment means that new marketing is being produced every day. To stay competitive, you must provide content that is not only helpful but so compelling that it will “go viral”. Doing this consistently may seem impossible. But exploring these six fundamentals helps to ensure all your content is compelling.

1. Keep it Simple
To draw and keep an audience’s attention, build around a key point in ordinary language that is easy to understand. Cite examples and provide simple charts or graphs that quickly summarize and convey your message. Avoid using long, complex sentences, technical or industry jargon, or posing complex questions to the audience.

2. Be Surprising
Start off with a good opening sentence that evokes an emotional response and grabs the reader’s attention. Consider using facts that disprove common myths and assumptions, but use charts or statistics to support them. Take some time to try coming up with original perspectives or conclusions audiences haven’t heard before. The idea is to convince them they need to hear what you have to say.

3. Concrete Facts
Something is “concrete” if it is so evident it doesn’t need to be described with paragraphs of text. For example before and after pictures show the benefit of weight loss. Animal rights activists show pictures of abused animals. Select images that clearly illustrate your message.

4. Be Credible
Try to give some air of expertise by citing experience, education, or special training. List certificates and awards, and contract with 3rd parties such as labs or pollsters for results you can refer to supporting your claims.

5. Emotional Connections
What reaches audiences is emotion. Refer to less tangible but personal benefits such as safety or social popularity. Try to connect to trending social topics that are already causing a buzz.

6. Compelling Stories
Branding is about the character and values of the company. If your company is committed to a cause, share stories about your efforts. Craft beer ads often talk about why they make beer and how they came up with their products. Every company or entrepreneur has a story – tell yours and make it interesting.

Of course there is no one way to guarantee success. But if you understand what your target audience wants, what your own brand is all about, and how to communicate clearly, you can combine all six approaches to keep coming up with compelling content.

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