Make your site Mobile Friendly

Many consumers use their smart phones to access the Internet. Because of this, many website owners have built mobile friendly versions have reaped the rewards. On the other hand, some business owners have been slow to adapt, and have been left behind. For this reason, an entrepreneur must have a website with mobile users in mind. Here are six of the most significant trends in mobile website design.

Keep it simple
Visitors do not like to read long pages of text on a small screen. With this in mind, many web designers are creating simple pages that are easier for the user to scroll. A simple design keeps users happy and makes it easier for the business owner to focus on creating solid content.

When a visitor comes to a site, he or she will leave if the site is difficult to browse. A mobile website must have all the important links on the top. When a site has easy to reach links, visitors will have an easier time finding what they are looking for.

Many business owners rush to build a website with plenty of images. While having many colorful and beautiful photos can help a site, it can also bother visitors from smartphones. When launching a mobile friendly website, a webmaster must re-size large images. A website owner who re-sizes images will keep mobile visitors happy while not taking away from the customer experience.

Phone calls
In many cases, a visitor with a smart phone wants quick access to a phone number. Most businesses would do well by having a click to call feature on their mobile website. With this feature, a visitor can make a phone call with one tap the screen. Click to call is important for businesses such as restaurants and e-commerce sites as they need to keep communication open with the customer.

Social media links
Since smart phone users are usually ahead of the curve, they enjoy social media more than the average Internet user. With this in mind, many sites have now began placing social media links on their sites.

Site speed
Most website owners do not realize the importance of site speed. For starters, a fast loading website will do well in search engine optimization marketing. More importantly, when the site loads fast both mobile and traditional users will be pleased. To speed up a site, most web designers are using more efficient code and removing unnecessary files and videos.

Using a smart phone to access the Internet is becoming more popular with each passing day. The trend will continue as more people buy phones with Internet capabilities. A business owner realizes this and builds a website that is friendly to mobile users will beat the competition.

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