Making your Adwords Campaign Pop

Google Adwords is a great way to guide traffic to your website and build a larger customer base. Navigating competition to get your product out to consumers can be time consuming. Utilizing good resources can limit the time spent targeting the intended audience. Google Adwords will bring your product and audience together.

The key to reaching your core audience is showcasing your product in a way that stands out from the competition. In print, this could be taking out a full page ad versus a quarter page ad. The World Wide Web community requires more savvy techniques due to the volume of content available to the potential customer base. Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is the best way to reach the target audience. Google Adwords will get you to customers who want to buy your product. There are good ads and not-so-good ads. A poor ad consists of information too generalized for a broad audience. A poor ad does not get to the core audience. The tools available through Google Adwords will help you build a good, if not great ad campaign. There are some tips to make sure your campaigns are specific to the intended audience. This is a streamlined way to reach them and sell your product.

Pick keywords and keyword phrases related directly to products you are marketing. For instance, if you are selling quality used American-made automobiles with a partial manufacturer’s warranty, and they are all one-owner vehicles; the ad campaign should hit on these key points. Some keyword phrases you would use are “partial manufacturer’s warranty”, “one owner vehicle”, or “quality used automobile”.

Adwords utilizes four specific types of keyword categories. These are general, specific, exact, and negative. Each has a certain role to filter content to the intended audience. A general keyword phrase is related to your product but not your exact product. Specific match keywords are those more directly aligned with the products you are offering. An exact match is to eliminate all other possibilities. Negative matches are important because the sole purpose is to disqualify certain words from your ad campaign. If someone is searching for quality used foreign automobiles, the negative phrase “-foreign automobiles” will lead those users to other websites. You will not pay for someone clicking your ad who has no intention of doing business with you. It is a simple part of SEO, but important when considering the CPC or Cost Per Click price tag on the Adwords product.

Ensure the ad text is descriptive enough to get potential customers to your website. Bring your product front and center by using the URL effectively. The URL should bring the user to the page they want to see; not the home page. If your website has pages for financing options, current inventory, and the history of your business, the URL should bring the customer directly to the page showing current inventory choices.

Using Adwords can grow your business. If you stay diligent and maintain the ad campaign, you can modify and make changes where necessary for optimal productivity and success. The more traffic to the website, the more sales you can generate. For more information on Adwords go to

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