My Town Tuesday: Causeway

My Town Tuesday is our ongoing summer series that highlights nonprofits in the Chattanooga area. 

This week, I spoke with Susanna Taft, the Senior Communications Intern at Causeway.

Causeway got its start in 2010 as a crowdfunding platform. Citizens of the community proposed charitable causes, and Causeway provided a resource to help propel these causes into action. In early 2014, Causeway moved from an exclusively online platform to one that is present in the city; a front door for social innovation in Chattanooga.

“Our goal is to inspire and equip Chattanoogans. We want to help people solve community issues in creative ways,” said Taft.

Causeway works primarily in consulting those in the community who want to see an issue resolved. They provide connections between ideas and the resources necessary to bring the idea to life. This can include help with grants, marketing, financial consulting, and crowdfunding.

“It’s so rewarding to see people who are frustrated with a social issue walk into our doors, only to leave lit up, less discouraged because they know there is something they can do about it,” Taft said.

If you’re interested in learning more or getting involved in Causeway, you can help in a variety of ways. Causeway is always looking for professionals to join their Advisor Network, attend events, and propose ideas for projects. Visit their website to learn more and explore the opportunities.


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