My Town Tuesday: Glass House Collective

My Town Tuesday is our summer series that highlights various local nonprofits and the great work they’re doing to make Chattanooga a better place!

This week, I spoke with Zach Atchley, the Director of Operations at Glass House Collective.

Glass House Collective, based on Glass Street in Chattanooga, focuses on comprehensive community development. They combine efforts to foster arts and culture in the disinvested Glass Street community.

Atchley explained that Glass Street stood out because it is a direct connection between Downtown and Enterprise South.

Glass House Collective began in 2012 when a small team began a community planning process with residents to improve the street lighting and sidewalks in the area. Eventually, local artists got involved and brainstormed projects to make the area beautiful.

Glass House Collective has three major focuses: public spaces, residential improvement, and business development.

“Our goal is to bring life back to Glass Street, and bring Glass Street back to life,” said Atchley.

Glass House Collective partners with local artists to foster art and mural projects in the community and with residents to work on home improvement.


“There are magical things happening on Glass Street right now,” Atchley said. “Adults are adopting local children and taking them to various cultural events around the city. It’s really rewarding to see.”

If you’re interested in getting involved in Glass House Collective, you can visit their website at or check out their Facebook page for upcoming events.
Glass House Collective will be hosting a block party on September 24th, and all are invited!

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