How-To Optimize Your Email Signature

The average American adult sends 35 emails on a daily basis. That’s 35 prime opportunities to market and brand yourself. Are you making the most of these opportunities by optimizing your email signature?

Here are our 5 tips to brighten up your signature:

Emphasize your name. 

Just like in a resume, you want to make sure your name stands out. This doesn’t mean crazy colors or flashy graphics. It just means perhaps bolding your name or putting it in a larger typeface. The principle of design hierarchy governs this idea. This is a subtle way to direct the reader’s eye to the rest of your signature, which will include your title and a website or call to action.

Use tasteful colors.

Company colors are usually best. This keeps branding consistent and effective. Understand the tone and nature of your company when deciding colors (or graphics) for a signature.

Add social icons.

This is optional based on your use of social media, but it can be very effective. Choose the top platforms that you use well, and include graphic buttons that are hyperlinked to your social media sites. Make sure the profiles are public on these sites, if you are choosing to share them with business contacts.

Make sure you’re mobile friendly.

Most people who have a smartphone will check email (frequently) on their smartphone. Make sure that your email signature shows up on mobile devices, and that any hyperlinks link to mobile-friendly websites. There’s nothing worse than tiny website links that are impossible to navigate on mobile devices! 

Add a call-to-action.

This is one of the best things you can do to optimize your email signature, and it’s not used often enough.

Include a short call to action (be sure not to be too “self-promotional”) inviting people to read your blog, join your team, or do whatever it is that you’re offering. Embed the hyperlink and add a tracking URL so you can measure the efficacy of your call-to-action.  

So, there you have it! 5 simple tools to optimize your email signature. If you have any questions or need help putting your signature together, drop us a line! We’re currently offering a FREE 45 minute Strategy Session (normally $297) with our Marketing Director, Jess Flack – contact us today if you’re interested in a full digital audit!

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