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Perks Of A Dog-Friendly Office

Perks Of A Dog-Friendly Office

At Crash, we set ourselves apart from other companies in many ways, but our favorite involves friendly, furry best friends… Allowing dogs to roam free in our office makes the work day more entertaining and fun! Sometimes we get too focused on marketing campaigns or website builds that we forget to take a minute to laugh. Dogs provide the comedy for us – free of charge.

Stress Reliever

Dogs truly do remove the tension built up by stress and anxiety. They force you to loosen up, whether you want to or not.

Whether you just left a stressful meeting or you’re having to make some tough decisions, taking a minute to play with the dog for a few minutes can provide much-needed comfort. Even just slowly petting the dog while it sits in your lap can make you more calm and relaxed. This, in return, can result in clarity before you start your next project or simply time to breathe.

Encourages Team Bonding

An article written by Jennifer Calfas at Times magazine, entitled Why Bringing Your Dog to Work Can Be Great for (Almost) Everyone, highlights some benefits for a team when they allow dogs into the office.

“You discover, when walking across the office to pet a cute dog, cross-pollination between your work,” she said. “You really wouldn’t have had the idea to work together, but because you struck up a conversation about the dog, you discover an opportunity that produces some synergy that wouldn’t have otherwise existed.”

This is so true, especially in our work space. We use Slack, a messaging system, which we talk on constantly throughout the day. No complaints about Slack, but we forget to use our “out loud” voices sometimes. When a dog’s in the office, we can’t help but to play with it together!

Pets Aren’t Home Alone

This is what your dog looks like at home right now…

….okay, we’re just kidding!

But honestly, your dog misses you during the day and craves attention. It’s healthy for them to have human interaction, especially with their owners! Their owner will be happier, too, and more content having the dog with them instead of worrying about them at home all alone.

Choosing the Right Dogs

A few things to remember if you’re considering bringing dogs into the office:
– Check with your property manager first
– Require the dog to have all the necessary shots
– Make sure it’s okay with strangers and won’t get aggressive with anyone
– The dog should be trained not to jump on people or bark at them

When having someone bring in their dog for the first time, pick a day that several people will be out of the office and you won’t have any guests coming in. The dog will perform better if it adjusts to the new environment slowly.

In conclusion, dogs are the best!

We love dogs at Crash Creative and hope you do, too! If you have any questions about our company culture, what services we offer, or how to request a quote from us, there are several ways to reach out!

Call us at (423) 520-6755, email us at [email protected], or request a quote to get even more information about what we can do for you and your business!

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