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Janie and Jae Yu of Builtwell

In this episode of The Chattanooga Business Podcast, Brian Chaney talks to Janie and Jae Yu, owners of Builtwell. Builtwell is a subscription based home program that assists owners in keeping their home at the optimal level. Through combining services and processes, owners can pick and choose what they need at the time instead of hiring multiple companies, Builtwell takes the pressure off of the unknown in home ownership. The Times Free Press referred to their company as “The Netflix of home maintenance”.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Janie and Jae’s journey prior to starting their company
  • How their company helps owner be proactive, instead of reactive
  • The benefits of using a service like Builtwell
  • The benefits and challenges of working with your spouse

Key Quotes

  • “We have these routines in our lives of certain things to get checked up on or maintenance or service or whatever it might be but for some reason we put our home off…we want to bring a mentality back into home owners, let’s be proactive instead of reactive.” (10:57)
  • “That’s one of the biggest thing – having our own time. Making sure we separate ourselves from work, and remembering our individual…who we are as a couple and not as a business owner and making sure that time exists.” (21:37)

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