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Max Farrell of WorkHound

In this episode of The Chattanooga Business Podcast, Brian Chaney talks to Max Ferrell of WorkHound, which is a real-time feedback platform for front line workers – helping companies reduce avoidable turnover.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Max’s process in starting WorkHound
  • The importance of feedback in your company
  • Benefit of keyword and sentiment analysis 
  • Benefit of digestible and actionable feedback
  • How Max spent 48 hours with a turn-table trucker

Key Quotes

  • “I was selling a vitamin, but I really wanted to be solving a pain-killer problem” (4:12)
  • “How do we help a company identify small wins to start to change their culture and create a culture of listening, acting, and responding to their people so that ultimately they make long-term strategic changes.” (13:30)

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