Launchpad Websites

Rethinking web design using Launchpad Websites

It’s a question that many people don’t think about until they’re sitting down to create a website: how many pages does this website need? While it depends on what kind of business you’re trying to promote, a launchpad website is a flexible website platform that works well for websites of all kinds.

What is a launchpad website?

A launchpad website is focused on its front page, but always has room to grow. While there may be dozens of pages you need in order to offer your customers all the information they want access to, it’s not necessary to have all of those pages up and functional in order to put your website online and start bringing in customers. Instead, the idea of a launchpad website is that the homepage is up and running quickly, and you can take your time adding supplemental pages as they’re needed. With a launchpad website, you’ll have a fluid website that quickly provides bottom-line information to customers, with infinite room to grow.

Why use a launchpad website?

If you’ve already got an existing website that you’re looking to update, or if you’re keen to post all the information you have at once, the idea of a launchpad might not be appealing at first. Staggering your web pages can seem stressful, or merely unnecessary. However, a launchpad format can save you a significant amount of headaches down the road, for a few key reasons.

Don’t waste time

Every minute that your website is offline or outdated is a potential sale lost or a customer turned away. If you wait until you’ve got the perfect website designed, with every minor subpage pre-written and ready to post, your website might never get off the ground! By getting your homepage live as soon as possible, you’ll be able to catch people’s eye and get them interested, while giving you the freedom to continue working and developing your page in the meantime.

Websites are constantly changing

Whether it’s due to new visual trends or updating information and services, websites of every kind are constantly changing. If you wait to post your website until every page is intact, you’re running a risk. If you need to implement a change—and remember, websites constantly need updates and maintenance—you’ll have to tear down and recreate your entire site. You might even realize you want to make a change while you’re building your website. Using a launchpad gives you the freedom to go back and update the pages you have active online without the pressure to make those updates on every single minor page at the same time.

Customize for your audience

Launchpads can make your website fit your audience more effectively than any other style of online posts. Once you’ve posted your homepage online, you can track viewers’ interest to see what subpages they’re most interested in seeing, and what services of goods are most popular. Rather than potentially wasting time creating pages that aren’t needed, you can use this launchpad as an opportunity to see exactly what content your website could benefit from. You can make your links and web pages fully relevant to what your viewers want, rather than what your best guess would be.

Freedom to grow

A launchpad site makes website growth easy. While other web building formats lock your pages in place and can make updates or additions difficult, a launchpad is specifically designed to make adding new content easy. If you are planning on expanding your business, or just your online presence, a launchpad can make your goals that much more attainable. Your website can comfortably grow along with your vision for your organization, and it will be easy to update and conducive to change all along the way.

So how many pages should my website have?

The beauty of a launchpad platform is that you don’t need a hard answer to this question! Instead, you can learn the answer as you go. By posting your home page first and learning where your audience’s interests lie, you can decide exactly how many pages you need for your audience. Your viewers and customers will appreciate the level of customization that you can offer, and you won’t have spent any unnecessary time creating pages that you don’t need.

Whether you’re updating your website and considering ways to make your site more user-friendly or creating an entirely new site from scratch, consider using a launchpad. You’ll be able to promote your company instantly while making your site more user-friendly and adaptable at the same time. You’ll be amazed how much simpler the website creating process can be!

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