Search Engine Optimization myths

Talking to several customers over the last several months I’ve come up against several myths on Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO, the practice of placing your site higher in search engines like Google). I want to cover a few here:

Clicking on your own links helps increase ranking

This is not the case. There are many factors that contribute to your rank, but how many times people actually click on your links is NOT one of them. If this WERE the case, there would be farms of people simply clicking on links for sites and Search Engines would change the policy.

There is a set of tasks to do in order to be #1

There ARE principles to employ, to make sure that your site reaches the top of search engines, but they are very imprecise, always changing principles. If there were 10 steps to be the top, then EVERYONE would be the top. That said, there are tasks you have to do in order to even be in the running for top dog, but SEO goes far beyond those few tasks.

Unsolicited emails from SEO companies can help you improve

Businesses get emails like this everyday, from companies they have never heard of. I even get them every day! Don’t waste your money. When you get an unsolicited email from someone claiming that they can help you reach the top, chances are they are just emailing everyone on a spam list hoping for someone to buy. Is that the kind of business you want to work with? Not only that, chances are they will simply take your money and apologize when there are no improvements to your rank.

Be careful with your money…if you really want to work on SEO yourself (which is possible), read up on it! There are TONS of resources around the web to help you learn about what to do.

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