The Art of Creating Search Engine Friendly Content

The Art of Creating Search Engine Friendly Content

What does it mean to optimize content? How is that done?

Search engines relish well-organized content. And so do your readers. Captivate an audience with clearly defined topics and ideas in the headings and sub-headings. Signal to the reader what lies ahead in each paragraph. Add images and videos with a purpose.

All content is storytelling regardless of its presentation. There should be a thematic thread of consistency flowing throughout all content on your website.

How is it possible to present content that is relevant to search engines and the people who the content is designed? Instead of cramming a ton of keywords into poorly written content, present content that is authentic, effectual, and original.

People Friendly Content

Bold-Type Headings

Bold type alerts readers as to the type of content that is to follow. Keep headings short, simple, and to the point. If your brain freezes trying to create a heading that summarizes the paragraph that follows, go ahead and write the heading out in as many words as you need. Then get out your editing scissors and remove as much of the extra luggage as possible. Your approach to headlines should be thought of in the same way. Website readers hardly read at all; they scan until they find something worth reading. Aim for content that includes a brief introduction with at least two headings and as many sub-headings necessary to explain your product, service, or promotion.

People-Structured Content

The essence of inbound marketing is a method of attracting visitors to your website through people-centered content. It is good and wise to learn and stay abreast of current search engine trends. But when writing content for your website, put that search engine knowledge on the back burner and let it simmer. Now, get out your pen or keyboard and imagine you have someone sitting across from you. This person desperately needs to know everything about the proper method to fold up a parachute so that it opens the next time they decide to jump out of a perfectly safe airplane. Their very life is in your hands. Do you have the ability to save a life? That might be taking it to the extreme but even if you are selling something as benign as false eyelashes, drones, or virtual reality goggles you need the skills of a wordsmith to explain the proper way to wear eyelashes, fly drones, or able to explain what the hype is over virtual reality.

Educational, Enlightening, Entertaining, Engaging Content

Easy on the Eyes

Beyond a format that is easy on the eyes is content that is sent with a mission. Copywriters must bear in mind who they are writing for. Invite your imaginary friend to sit and share a cup of coffee as you explain the features and benefits of your life-saving product, whatever it is. Don’t force a keyword if it doesn’t fit. Your only task is to simply and concisely explain, elucidate, and edify. Is the overuse of alliteration a good writing skill. No, of course not, unless you have a good reason for doing so. Do words magically appear when you need them? An emphatic no. Writing sentences is a challenging endeavor. The object and goal of good content writing is to make a complex subject so simple you can explain it to a 5th grader.

Avoid Grammar and Spell Checkers

Be aware, dear reader, that grammar and spell checker programs are only as good as the people who programmed them. Which would seem to imply these programs are flawless, faultless, and impeccable. They are not. Far from it. They are mere crutches for copywriters who believe they are too busy to iron out the wrinkles of a poorly written rough-draft. Copywriters would do well to disengage all grammar and spell checker programs as they are a distraction. Use them when and if you must, but in the end, the final edit and draft are the responsibility of your own two eyes. Grammarly was used in a cursory manner to help edit this article but in the final analysis, it is the responsibility of the writer to compose and edit content.

We understand there are just so many hours in a day and most business people do not have the time to maintain fresh, enlightening, and engaging content. Content that makes a new visitor want to read more. Creating search engine friendly content is a constant challenge because of the many changing variables. We know business folks are a busy lot and that is why we’re here. Talk to us for more information on how we can assist you in your next SEO campaign!

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