What makes a good Facebook business page update?

Just having a Facebook fan page for your business isn’t enough…you also need to think about how you are actually going to use the page to your advantage. One of the best ways to use a Facebook Business Page is to update your fans on what your business is up to on a regular basis. You don’t need to overdo it (a good rule is 3 to 4 updates a week), but you should try to reach out to the people who enjoy your business as often as possible. These updates can eventually lead to more repeat sales in the future, and perhaps even some new sales if you are sending out the right messages.

One of the best things you can do with your Facebook Business Page is to let people know what kind of new happenings are going on with your business. If you are having a sale this weekend, then you should let everyone on your Facebook know about it. If you are coming out with a new product or service in the near future, then you need to let your customers know when to expect your next big thing. You should also make sure that you send out more than one update for big news like this. In fact, you should probably send out as many as two updates per day when you have some kind of big event, release or sale on coming up in the near future.

Another thing you should definitely do when it comes to your Facebook updates is give out special discounts and coupons to your Facebook fans. This will make more people want to “like” your Facebook Business Page because they will not want to miss out on all the special deals that you send out on a regular basis. Having more likes on your page will increase your overall reach on Facebook, and that should be the main goal when you create your Facebook Business Page in the first place. When you can get more likes, the people who are friends with the people who liked your Facebook page will then also be exposed to your products and services. This means that you can basically put your customers in a situation where they will tell all of their Facebook friends about your business.

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