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Who is the #1 company for Chattanooga SEO?

There are so many services that offer SEO, but if you want local Chattanooga SEO it can become even more complicated.  Can someone local do as good of a job as someone in New York or Chicago?  Of course, but there are several things to understand to make sure you don’t waste precious marketing dollars.

What is SEO

First, what is it?  You probably wouldn’t be here if you didn’t already have some grasp on it, but SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is basically tactics, practices, and activates that help your business show up higher in the search engines. Over the years there have been massive changes to how this works, and google actively changes what they look for in order to provide the best search experience for users.

SEO is NOT Google Ads or traditional marketing but instead relies more on great content and on-page tactics that allow your pages to rank higher in Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Why is SEO important

SEO gives you “Free” traffic to your most important pages.  I say free in quotes because it does take hard work and understanding to make sure you rank, but once it’s built up it can be a much cheaper source of traffic that are researching your products or even ready to buy.

Think about it as a water system.  You can do Google Ads or Facebook marketing, which is a great tool, but those are like a water faucet.  You turn them on, you get leads and sales.  Once they are off, the sales and leads stop.

SEO, on the other hand, is like building out an irrigation system.  It takes time, lots of hard work, but once it’s built the water flows.  Yes, it takes maintenance, but it never completely shuts off.

Both systems are important for your business, but SEO can be a great source.

Can SEO help local Chattanooga businesses?

Absolutely! Local searches account for 35% of all searches on Google alone, and that’s a lot! You have to think about the mindset someone is in when they do a search: They are motivated and researching your product. These people may even be ready to buy. The difference between a page one listing and a page two listing can make or break a business. If they don’t see you, they are buying from a competitor.

How can you track your SEO ranking?

There are tons of tracking tools out there, but the best one that we have found in 2019 is SEMRUSH.  The important thing is that you are paying attention to where you are for the vital keywords for your business.  Where did you start?  Where are you today?  Did things go up or down?  Why?  A good tool like SEMRUSH will allow you to answer these questions.

Chattanooga SEO tracking tools

A good tool also allows you to track competitors so you can keep your finger on the pulse of what they are doing.  In Chattanooga SEO competitor tracking can be vital to making sure you always remain on top.

Use a tool like this and never be surprised again.

Who is the best company for Chattanooga SEO services?

Well, I am obviously biased, so I’d say Crash Creative, BUT, there are a lot of great agencies in town that specialize in Chattanooga SEO. Do your research, talk to them, and make sure there are clear goals for your SEO.

For us, SEO is just one tool in our toolbox when we look at the marketing strategy for your company. Our approach to SEO is to use it as one of many strategies.  SEO grabs users that are in the market for your products, actively searching for a solution.  Facebook/Instagram/Google Ads support these efforts by making customers aware that you exist.  Once they are aware, if they search for you or your products you want to make sure that you show up every time.

Find out more about what we do on our SEO service page.

What results should I expect from an SEO campaign?

Whether you do the work yourself or hire an agency, results are what you will be looking for.  But can they be guaranteed?  No way and anyone who tries to guarantee first page results is probably just looking to take your money.  That said, you can make sure your efforts more your site in the right direction.

Make sure you use a tool like SEMRush to find the biggest opportunities and track your progress.  As your campaign’s progress, even the first month, you should see some positive movement…if not, you need to choose easier keywords or change your strategy.  You’re most likely not going to see page one ranks, but you should see some positive movement.   It may take months to rank for tough keywords, but you should at least see some positive movement.

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