Why Using a Content Calendar Can Help Marketers be Reactive

Why Using a Content Calendar Can Help Marketers be Reactive

Who here loves to plan?! Okay so half of us are planners and the other half are procrastinators. To our procrastinators, do not fret! We are going to tell you where you can use that to your advantage below (if you can give in to a bit of planning).

So what’s the plan, Stan?

Yes, we too have wondered who this elusive Stan is, but that is besides the point. One of the best ways to stay ahead is to plan ahead. Now, we know this is not some incredible revelation for any of us, but it is a friendly reminder. As marketers, we have a lot to juggle and sometimes we get too busy and forget we can make it easier on ourselves. At Crash Creative, we use a content calendar to stay organized. Seeing the week by week helps us get ideas flowing on what to post between the main holidays. Content calendars are a stress-free way to plan out what monthly content to post.

So why bother with a Content Calendar?

Glad you asked! Content calendars have all major and some fun holidays on them. Today for instance is: National Peanut Cluster Day. An idea for today: ask your followers to add their favorite peanut cluster brand in a comment below your post. Be above the noise and stand out. Fun posts perform well if you want engagement. Take advantage of the ridiculousness!

Fill in the gaps with your content!

Don’t go overboard and only post about the funny holidays. There are two sides of marketing: showing your character and the equally or more important side is what your business has to offer for your prospective clients. You have a skeleton outline, so put some skin in the game. Get together with the rest of your team and discuss your social media strategy together. What is the most important thing to focus on for your business? Do you have any customer success stories you can feature or advice you can offer your followers? How are you going to engage them and start a conversation?

Use your marketing funnel to help fill in the gaps. If you are using a six step funnel, continue to integrate your funnel content into your monthly plan.

As promised, this is for all of you procrastinators out there. Skip this if you can’t relate!

We get it. Planning a month in advanced seems crazy. Especially when we feel we could do it under pressure right before content needs posting. But, here is the truth. If we are waiting until the last minute to get content out there, we do not have the space to be reactive. In marketing, being reactive is so important because things come up. We could find out day of about an event being hosted by one of your clients that you could advertise or any big industry news that could be important for your audience to hear. This is being reactive.

We need to be able to take care of the unpredictable. We can’t do this if we are stuck creating content for something that could have been planned prior. If you are a serial procrastinator, you more than likely are great at thinking on your feet and getting the job done with a smarter not harder mentality. To capitalize on those natural strengths, you need to have some structure. Bite the bullet and plan out your month. You will impress your coworkers with your quick thinking when random events come up.

We would also encourage you to take charge of your engagement. This means you respond to your audience or community in the moment. No prior prep needed beyond understanding your business/target audience!


  1. Content Calendars help you plan ahead and give you the space to be reactive.
  2. Having your team collaborate together to come up with content ideas will help you kill it with results!
  3. If you are a procrastinator by nature, tweak the way you approach the month to month. Use your natural skills!

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